What is a compatible ink cartridge?

When your printer has ran out of ink and you want to grab the ink cartridge for it, you have  two choices- one is buying original or genuine or OEM ink cartridge and the other is buying a compatible cartridge. You might want to know more about these. Here is all that you need to know.

compatible inkjets

The original or OEM ink cartridge means the one that is manufactured by the the company  that have originally manufactured your printer- for eg., the ink cartridge manufactured by HP for the HP printer is what you would call an OEM or Original cartridge. By compatible cartridge, we mean the ink cartridge which was not manufactured by your printer’s actual manufacturer, however, can go well and function just the way like that of an OEM cartridge. Though most printer companies have terms against the use of some compatible ink cartridge with the printer, people tend to go on with compatible cartridges. There may even be terms by the company regarding warranty getting void on the use of compatible cartridges, still compatible ones remain to be popular straight due to the much lower prices for the buy in comparison to an Original ink cartridge.

 Pros and cons:

positive aspects

  • perfect for general quality printing on regular basis: until you want a super fine quality printing and colors, you can count on compatible inks. That would just be perfect for your general printing works. If you go for a decent compatible ink cartridge, it will surely go perfect for your day-to-day printing requirements.
  • lower prices: This is perhaps the most obvious reason behind the unbeatable popularity of compatible cartridges. With several manufacturers or websites, you could get hold of an ink cartridge at half a price in comparison to the OEM ink cartridges. Naturally, no person would like to spend so much as double amount, particularly in cases like that of businesses and shops where they are regular printing requirements and also have to keep in mind the budget. There is simply no meaning of letting OEMs make a hole in your pockets when you just need it for general purpose- simply for the sake of warranty or such.
  • it DO NOT damage the printer: things are different if you choose a very cheap quality one. Until then, a compatible cartridge would seldom hamper the functioning of the printer. These are just claimed by manufacturers so that people would buy OEMs to keep their printer safe.

compatible inkjets2

 Negative side

  • Voids the warranty: In several cases, using a compatible cartridge would violate the warranty terms so it might not be preferred during the warranty period. Anyway, if you are using OEMs even when you are having a genera regular use, you might end us burning hole in your pocket in attempt to save the warranty.
  • Quality differences: The compatible cartridges does function like an OEM, but there is indeed a level of quality difference between both.

Thus, you can make the choice of the compatible cartridge as per your requirements and budgets.